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How to Answer CASPer Questions Using the Punnett Square Approach (aka "if then, then that" approach)

We have discussed CASPer a lot in a previous post:  (Former CASPer Test Evaluator Reveals Her Top CASPer Prep Tips). We have talked about which kinds of questions you should prepare for and how to think about this weird exam. But we haven’t drilled down into detail how to approach decision making in an ethical conundrum.

On CASPer, you will be asked to explain your thoughts and behaviors around a particular matter of ethics. You will have to share your thought process around situations that reflect a lack of professionalism, crossing professional boundaries and displays of cultural incompetence.

Some of these are really complicated. So how do you make the best decision possible? Sometimes, when you place your hands on the keyboard to start writing as the clock feels like it races to 00:00, you aren’t sure what you should do. It’s not clear what the right answer may be. For CASPer, there are some contexts for which there is no perfect answer but you MUST report to authorities when public safety or vulnerable individuals may be in harm’s way. As long as you report when you know you should, and take the high road (which is usually the safest road), then you won’t fail the question. But, not failing is different than excelling at CASPer. Read more...

Online Forums: Hindrance to Your Academic and Professional Success

Online Forums, online discussion boards

It is no wonder why students look to online forums for help with admissions. Whether you are applying to college, graduate school, or professional programs, the admissions process is challenging and often confusing. For example, Reddit Premed or Premed101 are popular among medical school applicants. Applying to medical school is a lonely and challenging endeavor. Most people do not understand what it takes to become a DO or an MD physician, and therefore, students who apply feel isolated from their peers.

And while it’s good to have some company when you are working hard to complete your applications, you should be aware that forums and discussion boards are not the best place to seek advice, support, and help when you apply to your dream programs. No one on those forums knows what is unique about you as a candidate and what you can bring to your chosen profession.

Yet, there’s more to it. Let’s examine top 5 reasons you should avoid forums when planning your future career.


BeMo Lesson: How to Ace the Hardest MMI Stations

How to Ace the Hardest MMI Stations, interview prep

MMI questions are notoriously hard! Not only are there different MMI question types, but it is simply impossible to figure out what questions you will face in your actual interview. Luckily, there are answer strategies you can use to answer even the hardest MMI questions! Remember to test out the strategies in a mock medical school interview setting to see whether you are improving. But before we get into practice, let’s review the theory!


BeMo MCAT Prep Lesson #2: How to Start Your MCAT Preparations

MCAT test prep, MCAT

If you are wondering how to start your MCAT prep and when to start studying for the MCAT, you are not alone. Most student dread this process, but it's unavoidable because even the easiest medical schools to get into, including DO schools, have MCAT thresholds you must meet.

The MCAT is one of the most daunting tests you will ever write, and the preparation it will take to ace it is just as intimidating. Many students simply do not know where to start the process - but it is one of the major medical school requirements, so you must do your best to become a competitive applicant. In our article, we provide a step-by-step guide to help you start your preparation without any hesitation or uncertainty.


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